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Liton Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD
Sales Tel: +86-0757-29993809
Email: liton888@163.com
After sales: 18126677459(Wechat same as mobile No.)
Fax: +86-0757-29993812-808
Add: No.3, xingye Road,gongye Av.,Lunjiao,Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong

    Liton Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd locates at Lunjiao district, Shunde ,Guangdong Province which is famous as “Home town of Woodworking Machinery”, it is a professional woodworking factory with R&D, production and marketing together with production area 30000 m2, and there is a professi-onal team with long experience and skills of design, assembly and production work for Liton.

    Since founded, Liton  Company keeps optimizing product structures, form the product series represented by lamented wood machining, and offer the market the complete sets of equipment for the whole procedure ranging from finger joint, laminating, to sanding and technical support, enabling Liton provides users overall and professional service. Currently Liton products include such three series as finger joint series,clamp carrier series, sanding machines,  involving tens of specifications.

    “Quality is the source of trust” is the belief which all Liton people hold on, Liton company passed ISO9001-2000 International Quality System after just founded, and adopt CE Safety standard, all production comply with CE standard, and get export license for all products. Now, Liton enjoys respects from its valuable customers in South East Asia, 


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